Q?: Are All Internet Marketing Gurus Liars?

Because The Following Figures Will Read Like a Huge Pack of Lies.

Yet They Are All True!

I asked 18 Proven Internet Marketing Experts with long track records this question: "how much money do you make online?"

Here's a few of the answers...

"I Banked Over $251,450 in 24 hours!"

"I usually rake in around £250,000 a each month"

"I currently turn over around $200,000 Per Year"

"I Made £114,200 in 2 hours, £346,726 in 10 Days And a Whopping £1,647,214.00 In Just 19 Days "

"I make around £60,000 A Month With FREE Traffic From The Search Engines!"

"my part-time internet business in June 2006, pulling in $60,000 in its first year."

"I made an insane $1.5 MILLION in just 48 hours all from free traffic. "

"I pulled in well over $2 Million In Sales from home"

Sounds like a pack of lies right?

Yet every expert that answered showed me actual proof of earnings and frankly I was blown-away!

So while the world of commerce and business is on it's knees, crashing in a state of panic, there's are a group of internet entrepreneurs making huge amounts of money, using proven systems that will work for you.

Now let me ask you a question: Do you think you could learn anything about making money online from the experts above?

They have made a personal commitment to me to reveal almost everything they know about making money online to you, live on stage this April.

And you are invited to join us at: Covent Garden, London, April 24-26 2009

So While the News Hammers Home Visions of Apocalyptic Recession, Massive Downturn and Ever Closing Impending Disaster There's a Group of Very Well Known Internet Entrepreneurs That are Secretly, Silently and Steadily ...

Making Massive Amounts  of Money Online!

Making money on autopilot. Making money whilst on holiday. Making money whilst out shopping. Making money whilst on the beach. Making money almost 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year... Making money and shaking their heads saying ... WHAT RECESSION?

Financial Transformation: 3 Days Strategies and Techniques to Transform Your Financial Destiny Away from Negative News of Recession and into a Clear, positive Hope for 2009!

Low Investment, High Return Strategies: Would you like to know how to turbo-charge any business in any economic climate? You'll see and hear stories of classic rags-to-riches direct from the mouths that have been there and down it. They'll show YOU how anyone can copy them

Recession Crushing Tips That Work:  Remove your mind for 3 days from 'downturn, recession and gloom'. You discover mind-blowing ways of how just you, a computer and an internet connection can easily make more cash in a month that you ever could earn in a year at any job!

Stop Attracting Gloom: Discover 'the universe' consistently rewards those who take action in ways that will frankly leave you jaw dropping with utter disbelief!

Recession Busting Superstars: You'll see and hear experts that  take no notice of recessions and downturn. They laugh in it's face. When you see the actual cash numbers on screen before you, you'll soon see why!

And so much more ...!

It's no exaggeration for me to say this is probably the most important training event you should attend anywhere if you are to survive the forecast recession of 2009!

It doesn't matter if you have a job right now, a business right now or you need extra passive, autopilot income... you discover this and more when you join us. Seats are limited so after reading our page you really need to take huge action to make sure you get a place.

Everything you need to know about making 2009 your best year ever is below! Don't miss a single word.

You'll discover recession busting ideas like ...

  • How to grow any new start-up with no investment and take it to a number one position despite being in the middle of a recession!

  • Simple Easy Ways to bullet proof your life from bad news and downturn of an economic climate

  • Lightning Fast ways to get rid of debt and earn more in a week that you would in 6 months.

  • Amazing 21st Century ways to jump online and earn enough cash to pay for a holiday in 24 hours!

  • How to Make Your Dreams a reality and live like a king while the world collapses around you

  • How to Create a Million dollar empire from your home with only a computer

  • And I promise you'll walk away from live live training event with so many ideas your mind will be totally blown away!

From: Mark Anastasi
London, England


Dear Future Internet Millionaire,

Whenever I talk to anyone about making BIG money online, it's impossible for me NOT to be excited!


(You'll see what I'm talking about in this video below...)


I have reason to be because I've pulled myself up from the bowels of financial Hell with this wonderful, magical invention called the Internet.

  • It's given me freedom I've never felt before.
  • A lifestyle that is a dream for millions of people
  • And a sense of calm that no matter what happens in the world economy, I will always thrive and prosper!

It feels good to write this now, because, back in 2003, Life wasn't like this. I was living from paycheck to paycheck... hand to mouth... until I got fired from my job, completely broke.

Then Fate smiled upon me when an old friend, Francis, who was making around $2,400 a month online, showed me step-by-step what he was doing and...


I Copied His Simple, Step-By-Step System And Made $1.4 Million!

I copied his exact system and soon enough, my monthly income began snowballing, till, eventually, I banked over $251,450 In one DAY!

Not bad for a man who was broke and homeless months before, is it?

But I'm not the only one...

There are countless others who have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to strike it RICH online -- and a good lot of them are my friends.

Every now and again, we like to get together to share secrets, joint venture, and just have a good time while "talking business".

In fact some of us met recently at the ‘Aphrodite Hills’ golf resort near Paphos, in Cyprus.

The atmosphere was relaxed, but million-dollar ideas were being ‘machine-gunned’ left, right and centre!

And then Mr X dropped a bomb on the group.

My jaw dropped, as I started seeing ‘dollar signs’ $$$ flash in front of my eyes...

The money-making strategy that Mr. X revealed simply ASTOUNDED me!

***** (‘Who is Mr X?’ you ask? Sorry. I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I can’t reveal his identity yet.

All I am allowed to say at the moment is that he is an ‘under-the-radar’ marketer who lives in Israel.

I am NOT allowed to reveal his REAL name.

I am NOT allowed to FILM his presentation and distribute the DVD of his talk.

He rakes in more than £250,000 a MONTH and he will fly in to London JUST for my clients at The Internet Millionaires Bootcamp, as a personal favour to me).

ONLY the 250 attendees of this exclusive event will get to see him, learn, and copy his simple formula).   *****

You need to understand that, when it comes to Internet Marketing…


This amazing – and amazingly SIMPLE – strategy will conservatively add £500k to my bottom line over the next three years. Probably more, even.

And the temptation was there, of course, to keep this breakthrough to myself.
But that's a little selfish.

So I decided to host “The Internet Millionaires Bootcamp” in London, on 24th-26th April 2009.

At the end of the 3-day Mastermind retreat, I said to Mr. X…

“I know you NEVER speak at seminars... But my clients NEED to hear this…”

“How Much Do You  WANTTo Come Show My Clients EXACTLY What You’ve Just Shown Me?”

He smiled.

I think he took a liking to me because of my earnestness and eagerness to learn more.
He agreed to come speak at my seminar, so long as I took care of his and his wife’s travel arrangements.


I’ve done my part. This could change your LIFE.

Now YOU need to make sure you claim YOUR ticket for this event as…


…This Strategy ALONE Could Ensure That You Make 2009 YOUR MOST PROFITABLE Year… Ever!


Grab Your Seat Now!


And this is not all.

I wanted my other friends and joint venture partners to come share THEIR latest, cutting-edge money-making strategies AS WELL.

Soon you'll have the rare, enviable opportunity to learn from a few members of this tiny elite in a fashion which no ebook or teleseminar can do justice to.

For example, you'll discover:-

  • How a former pastor who's sold over $2,000,000 worth of products and services online since 2003, makes frequent cash windfalls of $10,000 to $15,000 in commissions selling other people’s "stuff" online...
  • How a 28-yr-old kid from England who refused to attend university, and who's NEVER held a real job in his life, went from ZERO income online to a six-figure income "working" only 2 days a week...
  • How a high-flying Australian author who, 12 years ago, was weighed down with $150,000 in debt, broke, and sleeping on a friends couch, catapulted himself to a self-made millionaire in less than 5 years...
  • How one eBay millionaire who moonlights on his own Web TV show devised a systemized approach to exploiting unconventional eBay techniques that fewer than 1% of sellers know about which affords him a plush lifestyle in Salt Lake City, UT...
  • How an ex-employee of BT sold over a million dollars worth of download and physical products on the internet - twice! He's currently working from home and amasses over £150,000 per month...

If you truly want to achieve financial success come join me and 17 of my closest friends at  The Internet Millionaires’ Bootcamp to be held at Covent Garden in London on the 24th, 25th and 26th April 2009.


Grab Your Seat Now!


The wheels and pulleys must be spinning furiously in your head right now...

"Who's this ex-pastor?" "Who's the 28-y-o kid?" "Who's the hot shot Australian writer?" "Who's the eBay millionaire?" "And what about the others you haven't mentioned?"

Ok, no more messing around:


Meet 18 Internet Millionaires
Who Don't Give A Damn
About The Current Recession!


“... I'll Reveal How You Can Create Your Own Products And Make Well Over $200,000 Per Year Using My Ridiculously Simple, Easy To Follow System!”

Roy Carter

A Suspected Serious Heart Condition Forced Roy Carter Into Creating a Six Figure Income In Weeks!

His Doctor told him ... "change your life or you WILL DIE!" That meant, packing in his job and creating a brand new, stress-free life fast! And when you're in the middle of a painful divorce ... that's not easy!

Roy will share with us the secrets of his $200,000-a-year web business…

“PART-TIME WORK: I now work just 2-3 hours per day. Some days I sit at the bar, relax with my favourite chilled beer and a Cuban cigar whilst my online business still makes me money!”
“DREAM LIFE: I packed in an 18 hour day running my own business, running everybody else's life and now live a dream life in sun-soaked Cyprus .”
“10K A DAY: In one day I have earned over £10,000 just from one of my websites. Now that's not every day of course, but it can happen and I'll show you how to copy me!”
“COPY MY SYSTEM: My web businesses are just simple websites that can be easily duplicated so anyone can live their life like mine.”
How you can make a ton of cash from lazy people!
The simple question he was asked by a well known internet 'Guru' that totally changed the way he looked at making a living online and allowed him to make tons more cash quicker and easier than he ever had before!
Why the letter 'Y' is Vital to the success of your website!

...and plenty more you'll learn that'll jolt you in action...fast!


“How I Made £114,200 in 2 hours, £346,726 in 10 Days And a Whopping £1,647,214.00 In Just 19 Days Using Simple eZine Marketing!”

Nick Laight

In 2003, Nick Laight formed Canonbury Publishing Ltd from his home in London.

Since then he has built Canonbury into a hugely successful multi-million pound business, publishing a wide range of newsletters, manuals, courses and seminars.

He previously worked for Fleet Street Publications Ltd and was also Chairman of the Guild of Wealth - an "international network of more than 124,000 entrepreneurs, opportunity seekers and business owners" - between 1998 and 2000.

Nick was one of the first to champion ezine marketing in the UK and at the Internet Millionaire’s Bootcamp he will reveal the exact strategy he uses to generate huge online windfalls…

… Including £114,200 in 2 hours, £346,726 in 10 Days And a Whopping £1,647,214.00 In Just 19 Days!


“***ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!*** Simply Point... Click - Watch - Copy And Earn!*** Learn HOW To Generate A 6 Figure Automated Online Income In 5 Months Or Less, Starting From SCRATCH!”

Tony Sharpe

Tony Sharpe launched his Internet business in June 2006, pulling in $60,000 in his first year.

His strategy? Giving JV partners 100% of the sale… but making TONS of sales and building his mailing list like crazy on the backend.

Pure genius.

And that was just warm-up.

His current list of JV partners reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of Internet Marketing, and his Internet video marketing expertise make his clients’ conversions go wild.

Engage him in conversation and it's possible he'll tell you...

Secret Squeeze-Page, Autoresponder, and Affiliate Marketing Strategies!
How To Profit Wildly From JV Deals With The Internet’s TOP Players And Create HUGE Surges Of Traffic!
How To Easily & Quickly Create Online Products and Videos
Little-Known Front End, Upsell, And Backend SALES EXPLOSION Strategies!

… and much, much more!

Prepare to be thrilled!


“How To Make £60,000 A Month With FREE Traffic From The Search Engines!
This Monster Cash Business Sucks In Over 17,000 Leads Per Month!”

Mark Vurnum

Mark quit his job in 2004 with over £120,000 in debt and set out to make a business work on the internet.

His business became so successful that he eventually paid off his debt and had enough left over to create a lifestyle exactly to his liking.

The most amazing part of his business is that he does not sell a product or service. He simply sells companies "leads". That's it. Names, addresses, etc. of interested prospects for his particular niche.

The system he uses can be adapted to ANY niche. This concept of selling "leads" is so exciting because it does not require a major investment in inventory nor long periods of product creation.

Everything he knows is self-taught. And now he's built up a business that creates over 17,000 leads a month and consistently earns £60,000 + Per Month.

It's so amazing that he's been invited by Yanik Silver's to speak at his Online Underground Seminar -- and shocked attendees who heard how his explosive lead generation model that had made him£1.1 million in just 19 months.

Nowadays, you'll find him lazing away on his idyllic island of Cyprus while making 6-figures per month on autopilot.

Mark will reveal:

  • How the internet is changing and where the REAL money is today!
  • Your 30-minute "lead" selling moneymaking research project: Secrets to finding "lucrative" markets just by looking for 5 things in less than 30 minutes. You'll avoid wasting hours chasing markets that aren't profitable.
  • How To Get FREE TRAFFIC from Google. This is your passport to financial freedom…
  • Why 90% Of Everything You’ve Ever Learned About Internet Marketing Is Now USELESS!
  • The ONE thing almost everyone needs and why people will pay you for it.

And a whole lot more that cannot be mentioned here but revealed live IN PERSON!


“Social Media Maven Reveals The Magic Of Making BIG Money From Facebook, Twitter, Tagged And A Whole Range Of Other Social Networking Sites!”

Sean Roach

For more than a decade, Sean Roach has been helping people grow their business, expand their reach, and learn to move with the inevitable changes in business and technology.

He has built an entrepreneurial empire to include many different areas of expertise - including Marketing on the Internet.

Always upbeat and expressive, Sean passionately delivers his message in a way that keeps his audience enthused and inspired. Sean has been a well-respected and established speaker in the internet marketing world for more than a decade.

He has shared the stage at prestigious events with other prominent figures such as Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, Suze Orman, and Sean and Robert Kyosaki just to name a few.

In his forthcoming book “Make Your Own Damn Cheese”, Sean Roach delivers an inspirational point of view about the ongoing challenges to be the best employee you can be…or if you don’t want to be an employee…then be the best entrepreneur you can be!

Sean covers the hottest topics in Internet Marketing from his own unique point of view:

Discover the next step in Web 2.0 - Web 3.0 using social technology!

Where the internet is going, making money is going social.

Learn the latest inside scoop on Google.

The next generation SEO ... how search engines are dealing with search results from social proof . The new "Social Search".


“The Renegade Auction Seller Reveals Under the Radar eBay Money-Making Secrets That Most People Will NEVER Find Out!”

Andrew Lock

British born Andrew Lock is the creator and presenter the popular web TV show, Help! My Business Sucks!

He is also an eBay Powerseller and one of the world’s foremost experts at profiting from eBay.

Did you know there are more than 233 million registered users of eBay?

These are buyers… not just ‘browsers’. And more than 70,000 new accounts are registered each day on average.

Ignore eBay and you ignore the world's largest group of buyers!

Andrew will be sharing a host of incredible resources to help you accelerate your business profits.

Here is a small sample of what you will learn

Exposing the Lie About eBay Power Sellers

Why Most eBay Research is Flawed

A Paradigm Shift in How to Really Profit from eBay

The Secret to Drastically Reducing eBay Fees
The One Kind of eBay Sale You Should Avoid at All Costs
How a Simple Misunderstanding Costs Most Sellers Dearly
How Anyone can Profit from eBay Within Just a Few Hours of Setting up an Account
Quick Tips to Virtually Eliminate Competition and Dominate a Category on eBay
Astonishing eBay facts that will Keep You Up at Night for Days After Hearing Them
How to spy on your competition (ethically)!

How to leverage other people’s videos and articles legally and freely!

... and that is just the TIP of the iceberg of what Andrew will share with you at The Internet Millionaires Bootcamp!


“Create Your Own Infoproducts And Start Making Money In As Little As 48 Hours! YOU Can Do It And I'm Going To Show You How!”

Daniel Wagner

Daniel is a real-life “rags to riches” story.

He literally transformed his life overnight from being a self confessed "broke drug addict" to being financially free - in just 35 days – all by using the power of internet marketing!

He has personally created over 100 different information products, including over 60 eBooks, audios, videos, and home study courses.

  • How you can easily create your own Info-products - and start making profits in as little as 48 hours (seriously!)
  • 10 simple ways to create instant content (simple but deadly effective!)
  • How to use audio and video on your website to build instant rapport with potential clients

… and many more strategies from his Internet Money-Making ARSENAL of “insider” secrets…


"How To Make Your First Million Pounds On The Internet! Discover The Cash-Pulling Web Millionaire Secrets They Did Not Teach You At School!”

Jennie Armato

Jennie sure knows how to put this web business opportunity to work. She is the REAL DEAL selling over 4000 products online in over 20 countries (last count)

An aussie businesswoman first and foremost, she now she heads up a world-wide coaching and consulting service helping entrepreneurs and marketers realize the full potential of the web business opportunity.

Jennie's one of the hottest internet-focused experts going. With profitable websites operating across 11 industries and marketplaces online and running coaching classes that are getting absolutely rave reviews - and results.

But it wasn’t always great for her. She got her first taste of the internet back in 1996 and it was not sweet. Being a first-rate techno-phobic with no understanding of direct response marketing set her way behind the rest of the pack that seemed to be discovering and profiting from net opportunities.

In 2001, she noticed a new wave of emerging potential using the internet as a powerful marketing media and so began her web business endeavors.

She spent thousands and thousands of dollars and hundreds and hundreds of hours over the following few years creating web sites that became nothing more than a sorry excuse for a glossy brochure.

A new education and understanding was sorely needed. Listening and following the world best internet marketing masters, Jennie developed her own style and system for web business success.

This 'super' strategy and system impressed her mentors, peers and clients greatly and she now travels and presents her “Winning Web Business” system all around the world.

Her current commitments include events in Australia, USA, UK, South Africa and Canada.

Jennie Armato is a straight-shooter. Her fun presentation style has seen many audience members literally ‘wake up’ to their own ‘A-HA’ and discover that one extra idea or strategy they have been missing in their online marketing mix and costing them lost revenue.

Listen to Jennie as she Reveals Crucial and Practical Insights Into:

FREE Search Engine and Social Marketing Strategies to explode your site visitor traffic and sky-rocket web sales!

How To Automate Your Website Selling Systems to leverage your time and reduce costly overheads!

How To Increase Your Online Revenue Streams with Jennie’s powerful M.A.P.S. System!

Quick and Easy ways for anyone to start building Profitable internet businesses even if you've never had a web site and don't have any technical skills!
PLUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Secrets to Success with Google - Get the Scoop WAY Ahead of the Pack!


“You Can Be An Internet Millionaire Within 12-18 Months, Even With Zero Experience...And I'll Show You Exactly How To Do It!”

Ewen Chia

Fresh from the ground-beaking success of his brand new print book "How I Made My First Million On The Internet And How You Can Too!", Ewen is going unleash an all new arsenal of ideas, techniques and tips he's usiing to maintain his position as the "World's #1 Super Affiliate."

If there’s just ONE person who can teach you how to make a fortune online from other people’s products without a website, product or list - it’s Ewen Chia.

As a well-known and highly-respected Internet Marketing guru, Ewen has also recently generated an insane US$1.5 MILLION in just 48 hours all from free traffic.

He is known as the ‘Secret Weapon’ of every Internet Marketing guru out there because of his uncanny ability to take on the coveted #1 reseller spot in every major marketing rollout.

Ewen has taught thousands of people how to live the ‘Internet Lifestyle’, quit their day jobs and achieve financial freedom online, and he can teach YOU to do the same quickly and easily.

Here's a small sample of what you'll learn from Ewen:

  • Precisely how to find a "hungry crowd" who will buy almost anything you offer them. This is a gold mine for anybody trying to make money online.
  • The hungriest crowd in history, and how even somebody without a big name or a mailing list can give these folks exactly what they're craving right now.
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to find an offer that will draw buyers like bees to honey—when you pick smart, people can't resist.
  • A whopping nine special forces guerrilla tactics for generating an avalanche of traffic like greased lightning, often in less than 24 hours...and most won't cost you a penny, or require a website.
  • The easiest, most effective website anybody can create (if you choose to) that opens up even more doors for generating huge traffic to any offer you want.

And a whole lot more!


“From Outhouse to Penthouse!
Former Pastor Claws His Way From $28,000 TO Over $2 Million In Sales From A Tiny Office In His Home! And He's Going To Show You Exactly How He Did It!”

Jeff Mills

As a small business owner Jeff Mills knew what it was like to struggle to make ends meet and find success marketing his program and services.

Starting out with over $75,000 in debt, Jeff needed to find a way to make some major money fast.

The internet bug bit him in 1999, and he clawed his way to success and 4 years later jumped into internet marketing full time in 2003. Jeff was able to build up a sizable portfolio of success with just about every system, product and service he touched since 2003.

What was it that allowed Jeff to go from the outhouse, making only $28,000 a year as a pastor, to the penthouse, doing over $2 million in sales from a small closet office in his home in Cottage Grove, Minnesota?

Jeff says it was because he went to a marketing conference in March of 2004 and everything changed for him from that moment forward.

No more guessing. The real hardcore, working solutions were finally available to him. All he had to do was copy successful people and that’s what he did.

Some of the insights he will share with you at The Internet Millionaires Bootcamp:

70 Ways To Advertise Your Business Online

Powerful MONEY MAKING Tips That Will Help You Earn Countless Thousands Of Pounds FAST!

'Insider Secrets' To Million Dollar Product Creation!

How You Can Get Page 1 Ranking On Google For FREE!
How To Easily Outsource Your Work!
The Single Most Important Question You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Online Business! 
How To Create Best Selling Product Titles That Will Have Your Customers Begging To Buy From You!
How To Use Teleseminars To Sell Your Products

Jeff will also cover:

  • How to find workers to do the stuff you don't know how to do or don't want to do because you don't want to waste time.
  • How to negotiate the best deals with outsourcers.
  • How to avoid getting scammed.
  • How to use internet technology to find people and systems that do the work you don't want to do yourself or know HOW to do yourself.
  • How to train your virtual assistants.
  • How to use internet marketing tips and tools to give to your outsourcers to have them do work for you.
  • How to hire programmers for $2 an hour.
  • How to hire admin assistants for $2-4 an hour who work all over the world for you.
  • How to find systems and tools that make life and business EASY instead of hard.
  • How to get people to call all your prospects for you.
  • How to Pay for all your outsourcers time with no extra money out of your own pocket.
  • How to get someone doing all your internet marketing work.
  • How to get people to do ALL YOUR WORK!

… And MUCH more!

You will truly be impressed, and Jeff receives testimonials from his clients all the time, proving he really is the "minister of marketing" when it comes to internet marketing and outsourcing.


“How To Make £1,000,000 On The Internet From Targeted Joint Ventures. . . 23-Year-Old Semi-Retired Marketer Finally Breaks His Silence!”

Reed Floren

Reed describes himself as a "23-year-old semi-retired marketer". He's widely regarded in the Internet Marketing circle as the ultimate JV broker.

He's brokered products for Mark Joyner who sent him a few autographed copies of some of his books. Inside one of them said, “My prediction within the next 10 years is Reed Floren will be a household name."

He's never written a resume, gone to college, or even applied for a job. Yet he makes more than most people do and spends most of his days having fun.

Chances are, what you'll learn from him, could quickly blast you to the top of your industry using joint ventures...

Listen in as Reed reveals such things as:

How To Profit HUGELY From Simple Giveaway Offers

How To Make £1,000,000 From Targeted Joint Ventures

How To Find Your IDEAL JV Partners

How To Contact Potential JV Partners And What To Say
How To Make Sure Your JV Partners Promote Your Offer

…and a whole lot more....


“From Zero To £1,800,000 A Year, Working From Home, Selling Simple Info-Products! How To Set Up And Run A Thriving Multi-Million-Pound Internet Business!”

Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before quitting the city life in December 2003.

He started a series of internet businesses. In less than 5 years Simon has generated over £4 million pounds.

The first £2 million were from the spare room in his house! Simon will teach you how he has made his fortune in niche markets as diverse as Bulgaria Property, Bonsai Trees, Plumbing and Philosophy. All of which by his own admission he knows NOTHING about!

Simon’s business now has sales of over £1million a year from over 100 money producing websites - many of them are just a single page!

Listen as he tells you how he did it, and how you could too.

Simon knew nothing about internet marketing when he started, but studied hard to learn all about how to make money from the internet and built a series of simple www sites.

He has developed his own techniques which systemise how to take an idea and turn it into a cash generating business on the internet.

Simon still works from home, still finds time to play with his band Coolplay while his current sales from over 100 websites are bringing him over £150,000 PER MONTH!

You will learn how to…

  • Start A Business From Home In Your Spare Time And Make Money On Autopilot
  • Massively Increase The Value Of A Customer
  • Generate Residual Income Streams On The Internet
  • Generate Masses Of Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Www Site
  • Uncover Opportunities To Make Money On The Internet All Around You!


“Who Else Wants To Bank £15,000 - £30,000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH Working Just 1 Hour a Day?”

"It takes me around 1 hour a day to do this just 2 or 3 days a week...   I can show YOU how to make this kind of money 'from scratch' for yourself in exactly the same way... "

Nick James

How’s this for parallel realities.

Nick James worked as a car par attendant, earning £5 an hour.

He was broke, just like I was, when I was working as a security guard in Banbury, Oxfordshire... earning just £4.25 an hour!

5 years ago, he attended a seminar like The Internet Millionaires Bootcamp and listened to the speakers talk about information marketing.

It just all 'clicked' into place. It dawned on him that there’s a powerful way to make a great living WITHOUT ever having to create your own products at all.

Listen to Nick and...

  • You'll discover exactly what licensing is and how very easily you can use this concept to produce large profits for yourself.
  • You'll discover where to find quality ready-to-go proven information products to license. This is the material others just do not tell you about.
  • I'll show you precisely how Nick has used licensing to build his business into one of the largest publishing-on-demand businesses in the UK. A process, which you can use as an exact model for your own business.
  • You'll find out how to get FREE marketing materials with all your information licenses. No writing ... no trying to be creative ... no paying others to write for you. Get powerful ready-made material FREE.
  • Nick will show you how to instantly know which licenses will be winners and which are the losers. It's a quick process that will only take you a few minutes, but you'll soon be operating like a pro. In fact, with this kind of knowledge you could very easily set yourself up as an information consultant as well if you'd like. Others will pay you handsomely for your intuition and expertise.
  • To increase your profits astronomically, Nick will show you how to create an entire back-end range of products for your business. This information alone could make you a very, very serious income over the next 6-12 months.
  • He'll show you how to get your name known around the world with one simple licensing technique. This is probably the most exciting techniques he’s ever used and one that you probably wouldn't have even considered.
  • Nick will let you into another major secret too ... how to have a BRAND product produced for you at very little cost. This is going to shock and amaze you.

This Could Be The Best Kept Money Making Secret In The World Today
Here's some MORE of what you're going to learn...

  • Under the Radar Traffic Secrets - You'll learn a free way to ensure your 'keyword's and 'key phrases' can be found in found ALL positions between 1-10 on google WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY! (This information is priceless)
  • How To Create an Unstoppable tidal wave of traffic - Don't waste time trying to figure out how to get visitors to your website - Discover the secrets to starting traffic stream you simply CANNOT STOP even if you wanted to!
  • How To Create Lifetime Income - Discover the secrets of how to acquire new customers that generates short-term profits (to put cash in your pocket fast) AND THEN show you exactly how to turn those customers into into a lifetime income stream!

…And much, MUCH more!


“How To Make £100,000 A Year With Little-Known Niches And Milking Them For All They're Worth!”

Neil Stafford & Neil Travers
Neil Stafford and Neil Travers are widely considered the UK’s leading Internet and Information Marketers with a wide range of businesses in niche markets diverse as Football, Horse Riding, Chinese Cooking, Training, Consulting, Gardening to name just a few.

They specialise in finding hidden markets and tapping into that market by providing information products delivered over the Internet in digital format or physical products shipped out via the mail.

They publish the Internet’s LONGEST running, and most established, PRINTED Newsletter, The Internet Marketing Review and have been helping people establish and grow their own online businesses since 2000.

Recognised as experts in their field they are the first port of call for help from many of today’s online marketers; their knowledge of Information Marketing is second to none with a unique understanding of how this information can be used to create a multi-million pound or dollar business no matter where you are in the world.

Now they're going to teach you all about...

How To Develop A Deep, Loyal Relationship With All Of Your Customers.

How To Draft Powerful Sales Copy That Practically Forces Visitors To Join Your List And Then Buy From You.

How To Use Systems To Put Your Business On Autopilot So You Have More Time To Spend With Friends, Family And Yourself.

How To Effortlessly Persuade Readers To Buy.
How To Create Your Ezine’s First Issue So That Subscribers Are Practically Beating Down Your Door For More Information.
How To Spot And Capitalize On Hidden Opportunities In Your Everyday Life.
How To Identify What Your Target Audience Looks For In New Products.
How To Produce Your Own Information-Packed, Attention-Grabbing Articles, Even If You’re Not A “Writer”.

And that’s just for STARTERS!


“How To Build Your List Of 5,000 Subscribers In 8 Weeks Or Less And Get Easy Cash From Rapid, Explosive Viral List Growth!”

Tim Brocklehurst
Tim's an Internet Marketing consultant, author, speaker and coach.

His specialty is in automating systems and implanting viral growth for web-businesses.

Previously a magazine marketing specialist, Tim ran his own publishing company for ten years. His background in subscription marketing required him to develop and implement software to automate the management of customer lists.

Once he recognized the power of building highly targeted subscription lists, Tim realised his future lay online, not offline.

So he sold out of his offline business in 2005 and concentrated full-time on growing lists of online buyers.

Since then, he's launched such successes as thefreedomlist.com, listmission.com, incomelever.com, myviralspiral.com and thefreedomclass.com

Some golden nuggets you will learn from Tim...

  • How to build a list of 5,000 in eight weeks or less
  • How to structure your web business so it works on autopilot, spreading rapidly all over the web
  • Exactly how to earn £1 for each and every subscriber on your list every month, even without a product of your own.
  • How to get as many visitors as the web's 'high-street shops' without paying the rent of the high-street.


“Secrets Of An Ebay Auction Millionaire REVEALED! How To Make More Than £1,000,000 In Sales on eBay Every Year!”

Adam Ginsberg
In 2001 Adam Ginsberg began selling on eBay. In under one year he became the U.S #1 seller in the Sports Category and was named the #1 new seller on eBay in 2002.

Adam has worked very hard and his commitment to success on eBay is demonstrated by his outstanding (98%+) feedback satisfaction score and his Titanium Power Seller Status, eBays highest level.

He has established several successful stores on eBay and he has personally sold over $20,000,000 on eBay in the last three years.

Adam presents practical step-by-step formulas which are easy to follow and implement and his casual yet informative style draws significantly from his own inspirational success story.

Adam has been featured in Entrepreneur and Fortune Magazines. He has also been interviewed and been seen on CNBC with David Faber and ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Most Recently Adam has been featured on NBC - The Today Show.

Discover How YOU Can Create A Solid Home Business, With An Easy To Grow And Sustainable Income, and...

Unveiled: The Secrets Of An Ebay Auction Millionaire

Detailed Ebay Profit Strategies

How To Build Your List With Ebay!

How To Create Powerful Ebay Presentations!

…and much, much more!


£250,000 a MONTH From FREE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC And A Simple Money-Making Strategy ANYBODY Can COPY… … Your Jaw Will Drop, Your Greed Glands Will Go Into Overdrive, And Nothing… Will Ever… Be The Same… Again.!”

From computer ‘nerd’ to making £250,000 a MONTH with Google Adsense and getting more than 12,000 new subscribers a month… 

…and since all that from FREE traffic from the search engines…

…Listening to Mr. X Promises To Be The Most Profitable Thing You Do ALL YEAR!

“I’ll show them how to get REAL TRAFFIC from the Internet… MORE TRAFFIC than they ever thought possible.” Mr. X said to me.

But WHO IS Mr X, anyway?

Well, I have been sworn to secrecy about THAT.

But here is what I CAN tell you.

You have never heard of him.

You have never seen him speak any seminar.

You have never even HEARD of what he does.

And yet when he will reveal his secret “underground” strategy…

… your jaw will drop, your greed glands will go into overdrive, and nothing… will ever… be the same… again.


“The 8-Step Formula GUARANTEED To Make YOU £5,000 To £15,000 A Month On The Internet And Live Anywhere In The World!”


Mark Anastasi

And finally: me.

In 2004 I was a broke, homeless, down-and-out former security guard.

I sought advice from a successful friend of mine, who shared with me the secrets of Internet success.

28 days later I had my first internet business, pulling in £5,000 a month in sales.

Now, 5 years later, having gone from zero to over £3,000,000 in sales, I reveal the secrets to my success in the information marketing world and my *TOP SECRET* step-by-step formula...

With this 8-step formula:

You don’t need to understand the internet

You don’t need much money to start

You don’t need to be an expert - at anything!

You don’t need a client list

You don’t even need to have a product to sell!

I will also reveal...

How I went from completely BROKE to financially free in just 28 days

How I grew a £3 MILLION company in just 19 months.

How YOU Can Explode YOUR Income 5-fold in the next 12 Months

How To Create A Fully Automated 24/7 Cash-Generating Machine On The Internet... That Makes You Money While You Sleep!
The 4 Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind That TRANSFORM Down-And-Out People Into Unstoppable Cash-Making Machines.
My proven “$100,000-a-year With eBooks” strategy
How YOU can reprogram your subconscious mind for effortless success, thanks to a little-known £30-piece of software, and Become An Unstoppable MONEY MAGNET!
The 6 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Money
How To Use 8 different types of LEVERAGE to Skyrocket Your Wealth
How to get out of debt – FAST!

… All that -- and more new scintillating "stuff" I haven't told anyone about yet will be revealed!

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Impressive line up, don't you agree?

By the way, in 2007, while working as a supermarket clerk, Graeme John listened to one of my courses, absorbed what was revealed, quit his job with nothing to his name and...


… He Started Making $6,000 a Month Online After Just 90 Days!


Well, now that you've seen their profiles and accomplishments, let me ask you this:


Will Your Picture &
Profile Be There Next Year?

Is there a smudgeon of possibility that I could invite you to speak at next year's bootcamp after implementing what will be taught to become $100,000 richer, just as Graeme did?

Graeme is PROOF that this works!

In 2007, while working as a supermarket clerk, he listened to one of my courses, absorbed what was revealed, quit his job with nothing to his name and...


Turned My Secrets Into
$100,000 12 Months Later!

If Graeme could do it, you can do it.

If Tony could do it, you can do it.

If Jeff could do it, you can do it.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!

You're NO different from any of us.

Each one of us was stirred to action because we were disgusted by our respective conditions at the time. But we wanted more than a routine life. More than doing routine things. More than reaping routine results.

So we did something about it -- and succeeded!

  • Are you in that situation right now?
  • Are you worried that it will only be a matter of time before your finances and livelihood begin taking a serious clobbering from this recession -- if they haven't already?


Don't You Feel There's
More You Can Do For Yourself?


  • For your family?
  • For your business?

If you're really worried about what the future holds for you, come to the Internet Millionaires' Bootcamp and we'll hand you a practical, workable, recession-proof solution.


$8,000k a MONTH!

“I attended Mark’s seminar in 2004, and this prompted me to give up my lucrative banking job offer and become an internet marketer.
My online business now makes me $8,000+ a month!”

Kunjal K., Author, “Banking Job Interview Success"

$15,000k a MONTH!

“I published my eBook and set up an automated website like yours and it now generates more than $15,000 a month! Thanks!!”

R.K., Author, "The UTI Solution"

$1026.24, just two months after attending your course!

"Mark's workshop was not only inspirational, but also taught me practical techniques that I could apply from day 1. 
I received my first click bank cheque of $1026.24, just two months after at'tending Mark's course.  Thanks a bundle Mark, and keep up the good work!”

Dr Javaid Kiyani
Property Investor

“It's So Easy To Follow Even a Child Could Do This . . .”

I will be financially free!

“Thank you! I am going to be the next online Millionaire!!!! I have never felt so creative in my life, its like the world is just out there full of opportunities for me to take advantage of an over-abundance!!! If I use only 1% of what you taught I know I will be financially free!”

Jo Mumbe
$16,000+ a MONTH!

 “Thank you Mark! My ebook is bringing in over $16,000 a month! I can't thank you enough!”

Brian Wynn

“Thanks To Mark I Gave Up My Job And Now
Make A Full-time Living Online!”

“Mark's course was superb. The information, contacts and ideas that he shared that weekend were inspiring, cutting edge, visionary, extremely generous and complete.
He's the genuine article and clearly wants to contribute. His passion is contagious and it's clear that he truly wants to help inspire and empower people by giving them the tools and tips that they need.
With the information and seeds that Mark sowed, I now run three internet based businesses and have given up my physical retail business.
I highly endorse Mark and encourage you to benefit from his sharing.”

Ben Brophy

$30,000+ a MONTH!

“Wow! Thank you for the inspiration! I was a complete ‘newbie’ to the Internet but now I’m making $1,000 a DAY from my websites, with FREE traffic!”


Ben Lowrey, www.vGuitarLessons.com

£250,000.00+ in 6 months!

“Mark Anastasi and his Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp has just made me £250,000.00 in ‘found’ money within my businesses.

As a direct result of attending this incredible seminar Mark uncovered hidden assets and profit busting opportunities that in just one week made me an additional £26,787.00 with just one email.

And I will conservatively make an additional £250K in the next 6 months! I can’t recommend this unique course enough.

Mark gave me at least 24 ideas that will all make a huge difference to my businesses. Thanks for sharing your incredible skills with us all.”

Neil Asher – Entrepreneur – Brighton, England.

“I Am Inspired!”

 “You have changed my life. Seriously. I would not be on this path without your support, coaching, teachings, empowerment and belief in me and others. I am inspired by your generosity and commitment to cause us to be financially free and living a created life, the life we choose and love.”

Jean Liggett


“Don't Think, Just Come!”

“Don't think, just come!”

“Don't wait a second, do it now. Because if you are not going to do it now, when are you going to do it?”

“Don’t waste any more time. Every second that we don't come here, every second that we procrastinate somebody else is taking our money away from us.”

Surinder Ahluwalia
“$1,000 A Month On Autopilot!”

“Within 4 months of attending your seminar I started making my first dollars online. Sales are coming in all the time. Thanks to Clickbank affiliates I make more than $1,000 a month on autopilot.”

Jo Mumbe

“I now add 150-200 prospects a month
to my list and make $750 a month!”

“Mark, I found that if I did what you said... things started to work! I took action. I now add 150-200 prospects a month to my list and make $750 a month from my website!”

Maureen Lawrence
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Dear Mark,

Thank you for an OUTSTANDING Financial Freedom & Wealth Creation seminar. Four full days and I felt motivated, determined and energised ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Your generous and huge spirit was evident in every word and moment. I'm so grateful to have you as one of my teachers!”

Ocia Koranteng

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from my past seminar attendees!


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It doesn't matter if you know NOTHING about making money online.

Ben Lowrey was a complete newbie to the Internet when he started. Yet he hit the ground running making $1,000 per day, $30,000 per month. (3rd testimonial)

It doesn't matter if you're a SEASONED VETERAN, either.

Neil Asher made an extra £250,000.00+ from his business in only 6 months.(1st testimonail)

Now put yourself in Ben's or Neil's shoes...


What Would You Do
With A NEW Full-Time
Income of $360,000 A Year?

Would you…

...put away Uni or college money away for the kids ?

…pay off your string of debts… loans… and bills (and never have to worry about them again)?

…fix up your house – or do the remodeling you’ve been putting off?

…possibly buy a new car? (What car would you buy if you knew that each month you’d be getting $30,000 or more?)

…pay off your mortgage… or upgrade and buy a new home?

…travel and take long “worry-free” vacations to anywhere you want?

…start putting away large chunks of money into your retirement or other investments?

…help family and friends… or give money to your favorite charity?

…or just start enjoying your life more, free from financial worries… knowing you have true financial security!

Can you do it?

YES, YOU CAN!     Grab Your Seat Now!

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Get THOUSANDS of professionally-written private label articles that you can put your own name to and use as you please, in order to:

Create Your Own Info-Products That You Can Sell On The Internet (e.g. compile 25 relevant articles into an ebook or course)
Create Information-Rich Bonuses That Make Your offer Irresistible
Draw thousands of highly targeted visitors and leads from the world's top search engines (=get FREE traffic)
Establish yourself as an expert in your field – you’ll position yourself as THE PERSON that prospects should go to when they have a question about your industry!
Create Hundreds or Thousands of Links Back to Your Website to Boost Search Engine Ranking and Traffic!
Build Your Subscriber List and Boost Your Profits
Use these articles as ready-made content for Newsletters and Autoresponder emails to Increase Your Online Income
Transform your pages into an authority hub by providing users and the search engines with high-quality, comprehensive content about your industry





Craigslist is the 9th most visited site on the internet and gets more traffic than Amazon.com!

The great part is that you can tap into that traffic and use it to make easy money.  And this report is going to show you how.

I have developed numerous ways to profit from the insane amount of traffic that Craigslist receives on a daily basis.  And now I have compiled them all in one resource for you to take advantage of. 

In this guide I am going to show you exactly how to start using Craigslist to your advantage.  

I am going to show you the exact methods you can use.

You will learn how to use Craigslist, how to post ads the proper way, how to find prospects for your business, and a variety of ways to start profiting from Craigslist now.





Graeme John reveals FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER his step-by-step formula how ANYONE can make $100,000 a year from affiliate marketing.

Graeme quit his job in 2007 and started an online affiliate business. Within 12 months he had over $100,000 in his bank account.

Currently Graeme travels around remote Aboriginal communites in outback Northern Territory doing volunteer work.

“AMAZING! It is great to be able to do this and still run my business from my laptop!” he says.

“Within the last months, I have helped a few friends start building Internet empires and I look forward to a very bright future.”

“I can teach anyone how to COPY WHAT I HAVE DONE.”

What you will learn!

The Formula - STEP BY STEP
Web 2.0 Secrets Revealed!
How To Promote Websites For Free
The Main Keys To Success & What Tools And Resources You Need

How To Do It ALL Without Spending ANY Money (Except Your Internet Connection!)




INTERNET MONEY-MAKING BONUS #5: Unlimited access to my “Millionaires Vault”

72 eBooks, Audio recordings, and other money-making information products for you to study ‘til your heart’s content!

WARNING!!! There’s so much information here you’re brain could EXPLODE! (well, hopefully not, but you get what I mean!)

This includes:

Ron LeGrand’s “Information Millionaires Bootcamp” 16-CD homestudy course!

Featuring Dan Kennedy, Robert G. Allen, Kenneth McCarthy, and many more!

  • How to turn other people’s ideas and products into high powered cash generators using simple, safe, and no-risk methods.
  • How to create products, quickly, easily and cheaply that sell for a lot of money, even if you’re not an expert at anything.
  • How to build irresistible offers that compel people to buy instantly.

... and much, much more!

You ALSO get access to…

Bill Myers’ “How To Make $30,000 In 30 Days With Low-Cost Direct Mail”

“You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to earn as much as $30,000 a month from your home… if you know the secret formula the experts use to get RICH!”

Total Retail Value Of These 72 Products:





A 30-minute 1-on-1 private coaching session with me personally!

After you’ve completed the “Internet Millionaires Bootcamp”, you’ll have a half-hour coaching session with me. We’ll strategize and plan your internet business together, and you’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you have.

Imagine getting right into my mind and asking anything you need to know about your future success. I am willing to waive my regular fee and give you 30 minutes direct on the phone with me.

I now charge £10,000 per project for my premium consultancy work, but if you book your ticket to my “Internet Millionaires Bootcamp” today, I will personally go over your business ideas with you and guide you in the right direction in a 1-on-1 live coaching call.

I offer my 30-Minute Marketing Consultations for £500.00. You Pay NOTHING!

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But wait! Here’s the “better-than-risk-free” part:

Even if you do request a full, 100% refund, I will let you keep ALL OF THE BONUS MATERIALS as my way of saying “Thank You” for giving this once-in-a- lifetime event a chance.

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I can make this guarantee because I'm supremely confident that my colleagues will present information that will truly blow your mind. I, myself, was floored by some of what I'd learned from these mavericks elsewhere.

And if I found my heart rate increasing when I heard some of these stealthy tactics... considering that I'm a pretty sharp marketer myself...then what about you?

I have no doubts whatsoever you'll be leaving this bootcamp with arsenal to become rich!

The only problem you'll have right now is grabbing a seat before they’re all gone!


Without a Doubt You Are Going To Hear Some of the Most Extreme Cutting-Edge Cash Creating Tactics That Could Make Your Life  Recession Free Forever!

I have spoken with the experts in-depth. I believe in the power of learning from those that have done it already, do you?

When I say done it I mean ... those that know the secrets of creating wealth by not doing the same old stuff everybody else is doing. Do you agree?

Well I want to share how excited I am for you to meet these guys. Some of the actual proof they reveal live from stage is staggering! Words fail me to explain what they do. You literally have to see this stuff to believe it.

Can you image this right now for yourself.

Not only are massive business going bust all over the place right now but thousands... actually... millions are losing their jobs as well.

Is it possible you could be next to lose yours? The truth is in this climate we really don't know.

So just imagine this... YOU!

You join us at our recession busting weekend in London. You stay for the 3 days and walk away with so many ideas you just know at least a couple of them will make real magic happen in your life or business.

Just days later you'll realise you know have the abilities to ...

Make huge amounts of cash from home.

Replace your job or wages working from home

Create a new passive income working from home.

Generate cash from a laptop just working from home.

And As The Cash Comes Quickly Rolling In ..

You can take your laptop anywhere on the planet and still run your business whilst enjoying your favourite tipple on a luxury veranda in the middle of some paradise somewhere.

Just wait until you see and hear the stories from our presenters. I know you'll be so blown away you'll leave the building knowing that recession will not even touch you never mind steal your life!

There Has Never Been a Better Time To Open Your Eyes, Ears and Minds To New Thinking for a New Millennium!

EBAY: Would you like to know how one man makes MILLIONS on Ebay. How about he show you simple ways to create fantastic lifestyle... recession free ... from eBay!

WORDS: Would you like to understand how to get paid to write something as simple as a letter.? When I say paid I mean figures of ... £10,000 or more!

WEBSITE: Does the sound of a website making money while you sleep interest you? Would you like to wake up in the morning, check your email and add up all of the sales? You'll see that exact process in action from the stage.

And that is just 3 things you'll discover live from stage. In fact I know from my own eyes and ears at least one of the speakers will deliver you well over 50 life-saving points on beating a recession and growing a lifestyle during dark times.

And the truth is all the speaker experts I have invited according to my notes will deliver well over 50 points you can walk away with and apply in your life or business or even your job!

This Is Probably The Most Exciting Weekend To Happen in The Whole of London 2009

Please note, the venue can only hold 250 people.

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Dates: April 24 – 26th, 2009

Location: Covent Garden, Central London, UK

Come prepared to be thrilled! See you on April 24.

Yours In Success,

Mark Anastasi

P.S. The energy is contagious. Addictive. And the ultimate high comes from being in the presence of these persons, listening to how they beat the odds to reach where they are, with your own stark realisation that you can do it too!

Will you sacrifice 3 days to do just that? You owe it to yourself.

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P.P.P.S. And remember: you are covered by my DOUBLE-YOUR-MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you’re not completely and totally convinced that this event is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY you paid to attend, just let me know by the evening of the third and final day of the event – and you’ll get a refund of TWICE the price of your Registration Fee… right there on the spot! AND you get to keep all the bonuses!

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